Dragon Age: Origins Save Game Editing Guide

30 01 2010

Open your saved game with the Dragon Age tool set.  The saves are located in you’re my Documents folder under C-Documents and Settings-Username-MyDocuments-Bioware-DragonAge-Characters-playername-saves-slot_1-savegame.das

Player stats location:


ID Stat Min Max
0 Strength 0 1000
1 Dexterity 0 1000
2 Willpower 0 1000
3 Magic 0 1000
4 Cunning 0 1000
5 Constitution 0 1000

 All areas you’ll edit will be Float32’s. Do NOT edit the line marks labled UINT only the Float32 lines.

Note: To add Talent and Skill points your save must have atleast 1 point in those sections availible to spend.  Save the game with out spending those points then exit the game and open the save again in the Tool Set.  Scroll towards the bottom of the stats list portion and look for a marker of SMPL expand those and you’ll see a UINT label the numbers on this row that you’ll be looking for is 35 or 36 for the two different point assignments. Careful in giving yourself too many points here as you can slow down your performance so just keep that in mind.  Also don’t assign yourself so much that you have none left to assign at the final character level or else the level up prompt will constantly show even if you set the point amount to 0.

Your party members are located under:


From there it’s the same setup as your main character.

If you want to give yourself some money check under SAVEGAME_PARTYLIST–>SAVEGAME_MONEY.  My recommendation is keep it at and under 999 gold to do this your money is formatted like so, 9998877, where the 9’s are gold, 8’s are silver and the 7’s are the copper the max for those locations is 9 so max money would look like this: 9999999

To expand your max item amount, it’s located at SAVEGAME_PARTYLIST–>SAVEGAME_MAX_ITEMS max is 1000.

Further things can be edited but here’s my recommendation on your basic stats, don’t max them take them to 300-500 that’s plenty high enough. 1000 actually causes some issues due to weapon/armor bonuses. Let the game level you don’t mess w/ the level in the editor. You can add/remove skill/talents here as well but again I’d recommend that you do that all through the game itself.

I hope this information is useful to you and that you enjoy playing the game as much as I do.  I’ll update with further info if it’s needed and  feel free to post questions and I’ll answer them the best I can.




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30 01 2010
Dragon Age: Origins Save Game Editing Guide »Coolweather

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